NO referral needed


  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic
  • March 01, 2020

One early morning, Tommy was walking pass our Skin Cancer Clinic and saw someone opening clinic’s door for the day. He thought he better walk in while he remembered to book in his first full skin check appointment. In the clinic, he spoke to staff who happened to be the doctor of our clinic regarding an appointment. While Tommy was writing down his details, our doctor noticed a suspicious mole on his arm. He asked if that mole had been changing and promptly inspected it with a dermatoscope. That impromptu inspection revealed highly suspicious features that the mole might be a melanoma. We immediately performed an emergency surgery on Tommy and a few days after the removed mole was confirmed in the laboratory to be an invasive Melanoma. That morning walk has saved Tommy’s life. Do NOT wait! Have regular Skin Check which may save you too.