NO referral needed


  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic
  • September 27, 2018

Not once, not twice, but for many times, people told me that they were allergic to Sunscreens. When asked for more details, we found that they actually had sunburn while using the Aerosol Spray Sunscreens product.
Spray sunscreens are promoted as an easy way to protect the skin from UV damage. But many investigations found that it could not achieve SPF 50+ as it stated. Meanwhile, the Cancer Council stopped backing up the spray sunscreens because they're concerned people don't use them properly.
But why? The truth is very simple: most people give a light spray much like they would with insect repellent, which is far less than what they need.
The active ingredient in aerosol sunscreens is about 50%. To cover a whole body, the average adult needs about 35g of the active ingredient, which is equivalent to 70g or half can of the spray sunscreens. Even if you only use it to cover the arms, and legs, you still need 1/4 can of the aerosol sunscreen or even more considering the loss when it's windy or spraying far away from the body.

OZ Skin Cancer Clinics provide an integrated screening, detection, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. Our doctors obtained further training in detecting, treating and managing skin cancers. We can treat your skin cancer, if detected, on-site without waiting for a referral to a dermatologist meaning a quicker treatment path for you.

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