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National Skin Cancer Action Week 2018
  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic

Early detection is our goal! Bulk-billed skin check is available at OZ Skin Cancer Clinics Pakenham.

Dump your spray sunscreens this summer
  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic

To cover the arms and legs properly with spray sunscreen, you will need to use 1/4 can of the aerosol. A light spray will do nothing but open the skin to SUN-DAMAGE.

  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic

Mr Head's barber saved him by picking up the nasty melanoma on his head. How about yourself? WATCH YOUR HEAD!

Do not pick your nose, it is not a pimple!
  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic

It is not uncommon that a BCC on the nose was mistakenly called pimple, which led to delayed treatment.

John's 'ulcer' - NOT all melanomas are DARK
  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic

Melanomas don’t always have a pigmented, dark-coloured appearance. Some melanoma can disgust like an ulcer. If you are no sure of any changes to your skin, see a doctor having experience with skin cancer. Don’t be fooled by Melanomas.

Check your melanoma risk today
  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic

Melanoma Risk

What is the UV Index? (and why you should check it every day)
  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic

Australians has the 2nd highest chance to develop melanoma in the world. The high UV index in Australia is one of the key factors for melanoma.