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  • by Oz Skin Cancer Clinic
  • January 24, 2018

Ask someone in Australia about the importance of having a skin check and many will agree it is important.

However, ask those same people when their last skin check was, and their response might be:

“I’ve never had one”, or

“Oh, I can’t remember, but it was years ago”

So, with awareness growing but action often low, what are the top 3 reasons people delay a skin cancer check?

1.Fear of the unknown

If you detect a suspicious mole, putting off getting it checked in the hope it will simply ‘go away’ is a common avoidance behaviour people have to many serious issues. Mostly because it may reveal a truth one does not want to hear. In reality, early detection of skin cancer provides the best chance of survival.

2.I’m not really in a high-risk category

Whether it be their age, skin type or a distinct absence of moles on their skin, many people believe they are immune to getting skin cancer. And, that it is only something older people get. In truth, while there are high risk factors, anyone can get skin cancer and at any age. A regular skin health check is the one sure way to ensure a person is free from skin cancer.

3.Uncertain about where to start

Not knowing where to go, the costs involved or being aware of what will happen during a skin health check can often prevent people taking the first step. OZ Skin Cancer Clinics can schedule your appointment over the phone, offer bulk-billed skin cancer health checks and provide details upfront on their website about what is involved.

It’s so easy to have a regular skin health check, so book yours today to provide peace of mind, ensure early detection and make skin health a priority in your life.

Book a Skin Health Check with OZ Skin Cancer Clinics by calling (03) 5608 0000 today or click here to request and appointment.